Thursday, September 23, 2010

So theres this new trend

This new trend is wearing your summer clothes during autumn. It's huge, everybody is doing it-

Except really I'm just kidding, although it would be pretty funny if all of a sudden girls were wearing sun dresses and flip flops to school. This strange intro is because of what I wore today: a summer dress and a wool sweater that does an excellent job of keeping in heat, and shorts.

I'm actually in love with this dress. I have no close ups for you, unfortunately, because I kind of forgot. Tomorrow I'll update.

But while wearing summer clothes for autumn isn't actually a hot trend on the runways, it does give me more options. I feel less restricted if I can still wear my pretty summer clothes. Luckily enough I am not required to wear tights or leggings with a dress yet, as it isn't that cold.

 On another note:
My day back in school was nice, because I was unreasonably happy for a very silly and very nice reason. Then after lunch I basically fell asleep in my seat. :)


Ruby Jo Cloud Trewavas Abbiss said...

I actually like that idea. I may have to borrow it :)

Michelle said...

Well then I'd very much like to see your take on it :)

Ruby Jo Cloud Trewavas Abbiss said...

Thank you :) I will do a post on it in the next week or sooo

I shall mention your blog as it was your idea.

Michelle said...

Well not really my idea at all, I remembered a blogger say that they did it on a regular basis because they didn't have that much money to spend on a fall wardrobe. I woke up and I decided that I wanted to wear my dress again, thats all. But if you'd like to mention my blog, then I have nothing against it. ;)