Saturday, September 25, 2010

I Can Explain.

I feel like a horrible blogger, because I make promises I dont keep. I intended to do outfit posts every day for 30 days, but I did not update yesterday, for no reason other than that I was tired and too engrossed in what I was doing to get the deed done. The activity I was so absorbed in, among a few others, was watching Gulliver's Travels. Did you expect it? Well, no, of course you didn't, because a personality is not something seen commonly on this blog. The truth is that I love to read, and learn, and watch movies in which the characters carry charm of days long ago. But I am also undeditacted and not a hard worker.
Except- I am dedicated to the world of imaginary but not reality. I am dedicated to learning and reading, devouring books with large bites, but am not dedicated to teaching others that which I am not sure I know (because I am more likely to look rediculous than sound intelligent). I like to write, thinking up plots and creating maps and character sketches and writing scenes, but never getting any farther. I want to share my ideas, but am afraid to be taken for a fool. I am exausted for trying so hard to impress others, when who should I try so hard to impress but myself? There is no "Right" way to blog. I can't help but take inspiration from other blogs, and want to write "correctly", but this a personal style fashion blog. There is no right way. For me, there is only my way, and I should better start writing that way if I want anyone to read it and not call me a failwhale. Up till now I feel like I've been a failwhale, but from now on I will try to be the ever-epic Narwhal. You know, the unicorns that that live in the water. They exist, didn't you know?

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