Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Hats don't fit on Triceratops, dang it.

It snowed today. Like, a lot. It was our first actual full-on snow, which I suppose is fitting since tomorrow is December 1st. Advent Calender on Neopets and everything. The lights even went out for a few seconds and it was dark out by 4:30.

The dinosaurs are celebrating early.

Oh, look they've gone and put up a tree, and decorated, and changed the border just for you. Bless their plastic hearts.
My, but Mr.Rexx looks awfully dashing in his scrooge hat. Poor Dippy can't write for shiz though. A capital O in the middle of a word? For shame.

Well I suppose that's all then. I've got to go draw things instead of buying actual presents because I have -40 to -60 dollars. So I have to be creative. BUY!

By which I meant BYE! It seemed like it should be spelled differently when I thought of it.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Dinos Spell Colour with a U.

Why hello thur random citizens of countries I've never been to but will be visiting around Easter (that is, if you Live in Italy or Greece. I don't know why I capitalized Live, that was an accident.)

 Long time no see, yes? Goodness I hate that expression. I don't know why I use it. Actually I don't, just for you, aren't you so lucky? It sounds so grammaticaly incorrect to me. Long time I no see you I talk broken english. Yeahhhhhh.

 Anyways, now that I've gotten past my Hello, it's been awhile beginning, I've got to tell you why that is. It's cause I'm lazy, so now on to what's really important. Fashion Fledgling is named so because I am a fledgling when it comes to fashion and it's not really necassary( Idontknowifthat'sspelledrightméwhichismynewwayofsayingmehwhichmeanswhateverbasically )
for me to only post fashion related things because if I do that then I'll hardly ever post anything cause I'm lazy like that.


Also. I hate parades. And dealing with shiz. Shiz and parades because we only have boring parades in the fall when its cold as opposed to interesting parades in the summer. I spent 5 hours of bs outside in the cold in my cadet sweater and then the people we were volunteering for decided we werent gonna be in the parade and took our candy. YEAH BASICALLY WHAT HAPPENED. Also other shiz was on the go this weekend and I dont wanna even get in to that.
SO ANYWAYS. My name is Shelle and I approve this message.

Scientists are wrong. Triceratops was a real dinosaur and I have the plastic model to prove it.
I like coloured text and dinosaurs and the Capslock button and also the Canadian spelling of colour. No, colour is not a french word.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Leather Pants and other 90s Throwbacks

This post isn't about trends I've spotted, or trends or other people have spotted and blogged about for me to read. It was an original concept of mine, except not at all, really.
In the continuation of rediscovering old trends such as The Skinny Jean and The Clog I bring you:

Leather Pants.

About a week ago, I was thinking about the trend of shiny leggings, and that brought me to the unoriginal idea of leather pants. What would leather pants look like if someone brought those back? Apparently I wasn't the only one wondering. Above are three examples that I liked and were under the wonderfully low budget of $300. Seriously. Maybe it's because I don't have any money, but that sounds like an awful lot. Even for leather, and these were on the low end of the price scale!

The first pair are riding style pants with leather on the inside, while the other two are full leather pants. I really like this take on leather pants; skinny, black, low rise.
As opposed to the wonderful 90s version:

Buffy the Vampire Slayer is pretty sick, but her leather pants were scary sometimes. Maybe it's the 90's part.

These go against everything I just listed, but still look amazing.

This picture ^ belongs to ClaireInc. I advise you visit that site. It's absolutely amazing and I love it and I want to buy everything they ever sell. Ever.
Also while I was searching, I came across another lovely peice of clothing.

Cargo Pants.

Do you remember these? I wore them in grade 6. Not the 90s, but still a few years ago. I like these better. Granted, the 1st pair aren't actually cargo pants, they're twill, but they have deep pockets on the leg and are green. And both are awesome and I NEED A JOB TO BUY SHIZ.


Saturday, November 13, 2010

Teen Female Horror Story

I was going to update today. That post can be saved for tomorrow, because right now I have a (true) almost-horror story for you.

Today began almost like any other; I'd slept on the couch in my living room because the filter on my sister's fish tank was too loud so I couldn't sleep, and I woke up early because of this. Around 9 am. Thats realllyyy early for me. My mom told me she was going to town around 12 pm. I asked if I could go with her, thinking I'd be bored at home. She said yes and off I went for my shower. After, I came back to get dressed.

Little did I know of the horror that was lurking behind my closet doors.

I didn't notice when I first opened them. A couple sweaters that didn't belong to me. No big deal, I was a little annoyed as this happens very often, but I moved them over to my sister's side of the closet.
Then I got a good look at my side.
Every single sweater in there was in the wrong spot. My colour-categorized collection of sweaters, and each one was out of place and on the rack backwards.

I confronted the person I knew to be guilty; they got angry. They did it because they couldn't get in to my closet.

I was upset, naturally. Not really angry, but upset, because my orangized sweater collection was now a mess unecessarily, and I would have to spend quite a bit of time putting it back in order. There wasn't much I could do then, because we were leaving for town, so I'd have to fix it later.

When later came, I pulled out all of my sweaters. I began putting them back on hangers and in the closet, in their proper order. Then I noticed something else. Most of my dresses were at the back of my closet, again in the wrong order and hung backwards. This time I voiced my unhappyness. Loudly. I was heard, but I yelled "Nevermind!" and went back to fixing things. I was putting the dresses back next to the jeans when I noticed something wrong again (like the gift that keeps giving. sort of.)

Every single pair of jeans were also out of order and also hung backwards. (By backwards, I mean the hanger points in instead of out, making it hard to get the hanger and the item on it.)

Frustrated is not a strong enough word to describe how I felt. Neither will Exasperated do the job.
At this point I pulled everything out and started over.

I've just spent an hour and a half fixing this person's work.



btw, sorry if your reaction is TL;DR. I want my sympathy, NOW! jk. but yeah. I had to complain cause this sucked. I'm very unhappy.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Fashion of the Day.

Well, Hey there. *Has no comment on two week absense.

The zipper on my shorts wouldnt go up any farther and also, randomly appearing tights are random. I thought these were mine but apparently not so as mine do not have this cool geometric print on the go. Nor do their non-existant print end half way up my thighs, but shush.

I felt pretty retro-80's today. It was pretty sick, ya know?

I even found shoes to wear with this outfit outside of my regular converse or black boots.
I don't wear my shoes in the house though and I was too lazy to go get them. meh.

And because this has never been strictly a fashion blog at all, here's a peek at my sister's birthday cake for tomorrow. I did a lot of the baking-from-a-box part.

Plus there's these glow-in-the-dark bracelets left over from yesterday that I'm pretty excited about.

Happy belated Halloween, guys. How did yours go? Did you go trick or treating? Did you even dress up? Let me know in the comments. :)

Outfit Details
T Shirt//"Borrowed" from my friend. I luffs it.
Cardigan//2nd from my mother.
Shorts//Garage, I think.
Tights// ...no idea.
Sneakers! Urban Planet. They have a tattoo print on them, and the are canvas and falling apart because I love/wore them so often. Until my friend-I-borrowed-this-shirt-from wore them and stretched them out. fdjhvbhbfdnhjhdfuh gah.

Anyways. Thanks for reading! I always appreciate it.
Luffs ya, kthxbaiguiz.