Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Hats don't fit on Triceratops, dang it.

It snowed today. Like, a lot. It was our first actual full-on snow, which I suppose is fitting since tomorrow is December 1st. Advent Calender on Neopets and everything. The lights even went out for a few seconds and it was dark out by 4:30.

The dinosaurs are celebrating early.

Oh, look they've gone and put up a tree, and decorated, and changed the border just for you. Bless their plastic hearts.
My, but Mr.Rexx looks awfully dashing in his scrooge hat. Poor Dippy can't write for shiz though. A capital O in the middle of a word? For shame.

Well I suppose that's all then. I've got to go draw things instead of buying actual presents because I have -40 to -60 dollars. So I have to be creative. BUY!

By which I meant BYE! It seemed like it should be spelled differently when I thought of it.

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