Tuesday, October 19, 2010

BeatleMania/ That didn't actually come up as much as I thought it would, but what the heck.

Boy, am I excited to be back. Like super duper. I think I've finally got this down: dress how I want to and not how I think people would like me to. Thats the point, right? Geez, I can be so dumb sometimes. Anyway, be on the look out for an outfit post/ real update today. Lets do this, yeah! I am a sick hyper kid. And by sick I mean I have the flu, not that I am a creepy 40 year old pervert. right.

Update! I've been sick and was not up to taking pictures, but what the hey, I promised so I did them. At half past 12 am. Perhaps I should do them in the day when the light does not suck, maybe? Sounds like an idea.

Do you recognize this spot? This was where my first outfit pictures (ever!) were taken. It was day time, of course, and I remember I was wearing jeans, until I decided "You know what, screw it. I'm gonna start my blog now." pulled on a black skirt I never wore and that was that. I don't know how far I've come since then. I think I atleast update more than I did then. Possibly. Actually, maybe less. hmmmm.

Outfit details:
Dress//Urban Planet (Yes, it's a dress. I know you can't see it well, but it's the one I wore back in April, here. )
AwesomePossum Socks//Walmart.

So today a lot of fun things happened, besides being sick of course.
I got to see my best friend after a 1week and a half cause she was in Florida, getting a sunburn.

There were failure croissants.

There was Scabbers, and Bertie Bott's All Flavoured Beans (I advise you to never bite in to vomit or earthworm flavoured beans during a class.), there was random note passing in science and bio class. There was visiting my friends house after school for chocolate milk. There was my sister telling me I looked very "Beatle" today, hair wise. Also I have no school tomorrow, and everything is excellent :D.

You know, besides being sick.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Hey Ya'll

I said I was ditching you guys for a week for some creative inspiration.

I lied. I like you too much.

Anyways, with out the imaginary pressure I was feeling, I've feel like i've been thriving. I wore jeans two days in a row, and a friend told me that it was strange to see me in pants. I actually like getting dressed in the morning, because I know I'm not trying to impress anybody. Except for me. And I'm happy with my decision to cut the outfit posts right now, because I have time to get myself together and start with a clean slate. New layout and stuffs, it's nice.

Btw, my mom is buying me some vintage thingys off etsy for christmas. I'm trying to narrow down the list.

DeerNana on Etsy.
AnimalHeadVintage on Etsy

YellowJacketVintage on Etsy

ApricotBabyBaby on Etsy
MoonChen on Etsy

There was another item on the list but it was sold today :( I am absolutely in love with the polkadots. There are quite a lot of polka dots.

On another note, haircut tomorrow.



 I'm very much in love with their hair. I think I might try a twist on Elin's, or something close. I'd like to hear you thoughts.
Lots of Love, Shelle :)

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Sia-My Love

I'm tired of this. I can't believe how completely uninspired I've been with my blog, "thinking I'll do it and it'll be over with it"about my outfit posts, all the while completely wishing my blog could be what I want it to be. It's funny, nobody asked me to do this and write a blog about my kind-of-fail style, I decided of my own accord to write it, and yet I am feeling the pressure for not being good enough. It's such an accomplishment to me, that I've gained my followers and with determination, got this far, but in the monthes this blog has existed not much has happened. If I want this to change, I must do something about it.

I need a clean slate. No outfit posts this week, so I can get my thoughts in order, but Monday morning of next week is my new leaf. I think I need some encouragement, because even with the precious followers I have, I feel as if no one cares. Why blog for nobody? Of course, a person won't get anywhere with no talent (Unless that person is Paris Hilton), but I can always try. Trying is the important aspect I think. And I should probably stop trying to blog "correctly." I will write about things I love. I love a lot of things.

Waffles, Balloons, Photography and Polaroids, Vintage clothing, the colour Yellow, England. Beaches and summertime, clouds, reallly old children's books, kawaii shit like Kerropi, and music. Did you know I played piano? Not very well, but I like to. I also swim. Swimming is fun. So is chocolate milk, and water balloon fights, and hide and seek, good games of spotlight, drama class, The Beatles, polka dots and swishy skirts. Ribbon and bright colours and making new friends, and Harry Potter, and Canada's way of spelling things except for I like Gray over Grey. And coffee and lemonade and tea, and stripes and rainbows and old daguerreotype cameras, and Regency-era movies. Peter pan collars and fake pearls and t shirts. Not my high school, though. I hate my high school. It's a creativity-squashing prison full of egotistical boys and cookie-cutter girls. I wish I could live in Europe as an adult instead. (You are thinking that the adult life is not so great compared to that of a teenagers, but atleast you have your freedom. I can't even drive.)

I want to wear a bright, cheerfully-patterened dress with puffy sleeves and a full skirt to school tomorrow. Unfortunately for me, I do not own such a dress. I guess I should learn to sew well and make one. Andbody offering lessons that will teach  me to make a perfectly-fitted dress by tomorrow morning? I kid, but perhaps I really should learn to sew and make my own clothes.

Lots of Love,

ps I likes Shelle more then Shellie. Anyone who wishes to use the former, I have no objections.
pss song has nothing to do with this post, i just like it.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I wonder when fall got here, it took me by surprise.

I will apoligize for the break, because I've been sick and jeans and t-shirts are my thing when I'm sick. I started this blog to motivate myself to get out of the jeans-and-t-shirt zone, but they're so easy. I can't help but slip. I have come a long way, slips and all, and I think my style has improved considerably since last March when I started this blog (has it really been that long? Finally, I've learned that determination will get you somewhere. Take that, lazy self). I like to layer, and mix patterns and where sun dresses in fall. If my sisters annoying friend thinks that I'm weird because of this, well then she can just suck it cause three different people complimented my leggings and asked me where I'd got(gotten?) them.

I really hate my face here, gah.

Coat // Gift from my sister :)
Shirt// Urban Planet, again maybe?
Skirt// Suzy Shier
and Converse. <3

*This post has actually been sitting in blogger for the last couple days because of how busy I've been with school work. Sighh.
And did I forget to mention, if anyone wonders why my comments are moderated, it's so that I know when I get them and am sure to read them. : )