Thursday, July 22, 2010

I have discovered:

That in 5 months of blogging, I have made 22 posts, and a few of them didn't even have decent content.
That's dedication for you.

It's time I got cracking on this blog. I promise that 3 weeks from now on, you can expect regular postings documenting my experience on this style-journey I'm on. Not until then, though, because I'm leaving Saturday for french school in Quebec. I could get in a couple of posts before then, hopefully.

Wish me luck!


Friday, July 16, 2010

Outfit of the Day: The Tomboy Episode

Today was a lazy day. I actually didn't even wake up until 2:20. I didn't do much, at all. Of course that's why I didn't take my outfit pictures until 11 pm, I was so busy, right?

If this picture looks incredibly akward to you, that's just me pulling on my shirt. I don't secretly have a beer gut or man parts. ;P
Outfit Details:
Tube Top//Stitches
Plaid Shirt//Stitches
Shorts//Urban Planet
I didn't style my hair. I didnt put on make up. I think I looked very tomboy-ish today, but nobody saw me so that's fine with me! You can see the sides of my glasses in the first photo. Whaddaya think? ;)

Seeing as I am a 15 year old with no job I am forced to make the best with what I've got - the inexpensive clothing stores in the Avalon Mall. Thats why most of my things come from stores like Stitches and Urban Planet. I really love thrifting, and I wish I could do it more often so that my blog wasn't pictures of clothes anyone could have. Maybe if I had a car and a license I could get out more. I'd have vintage dresses and high waisted pants and, and, and... well thats what daydreaming gets me. Absolutely nothing, at the moment. So I wear what everybody else in my town does. I hope what sets me apart from everyone is how I wear it, and the peices I pick out. Of course, the shorts on the rack could be bought by anyone. But if I buy them, I can wear them in any which way I want.
Sorry for rambling. I had a thought and it evolved in to a paragraph.
Also, I won't be around for the next few days. Im going with my family to a Cottage On A Beach for the weekend. Fun : )

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Outfit of the Day (2/2)

As promised, I took my outfit outside. For some reason, I was having trouble with the manual options, so I switched to auto, hence the blinding sky. Eh. Also, I just put the shirt and skirt on over my outfit today, so you'll probably notice my tanktop and shorts peeking out. Andandand; new glasses! :D
*Looks unhappy, but actually isn't*
That's my doggy, Jenny. : )

UPDATE: I've discovered that now, if you search "fashion fledgling" in google, this blog is the 4th result. The 2nd is a picture of me on my polyvore. The reason this is so exciting is that for ages, my blog didnt even come up in the first few pages. *is actually way more excited about this than is reasonable"
Besides that, Im working on a new design. It's time to get serious. So far I've got a background, thanks to I like this new damask pattern.

Outfit of the Day (1/2)

Top & Skirt // Urban Planet
Bead Necklace // Thrifted
Earrings // Walmart
Ring // Stitches
 (If you can't see it, it's the ring worn in an earlier post)
Glasses // Nonexistant : D

If you could please ignore my akward smile in the 2nd photo, I hate my braces. This is what I wore today! By evening it was so hot and humid that I had to change, phew. Anyways. I feel that I kind of half-assed these pictures, tomorrow I think I'll put it on again and retake some nicer ones in my backyard. Maybe I'll have another outfit to post, too! :)

Monday, July 12, 2010

The Regular Inspiration Post

Well, regular to every other fashion blog out there, not so much to mine. I feel like I should make it a regular, though; every week, a collection of pretty pictures I didn't take. Oh, yes. Definetly yes.
Just in case you were wondering, no, I have no idea where I got these. If you ask about one specifically because you want to stalk the owner, (and I'm sure you'd like to, these images are gorgeous) I just might be able to track them down for you. Maybe.

I tried to keep these somewhat fashion-oriented, but my mind doesnt work like that. In fashion, I am not inspired by fashion. I'm inspired by light, atmosphere, colours, maybe even the way two people fit in to a photograph. To me, fashion is art, and so I am inspired by art and strive to make my outfits art.
Well, I will, when I bother to wake up tomorrow. I dare you to check the time that I'm posting this.

Also, shout out to Hayley's mom. Hiya Hayley's mom!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Here are some goodies.

First, a random shot from when I pulled my camera out of hibernation today (: D)
And next, a two month old picture I forgot to post. Oops.
Its a pretty sweater though. :D

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Miss me?

Well, if you did, basically I just ran out of ideas and inspiration and I got lazy. But now I'm back, full force, inspiration reinstated, giant levels of ideas. Expect some "What I wore" type posts, and some surprises maybe, over the next few days. : )