Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Outfit of the Day (2/2)

As promised, I took my outfit outside. For some reason, I was having trouble with the manual options, so I switched to auto, hence the blinding sky. Eh. Also, I just put the shirt and skirt on over my outfit today, so you'll probably notice my tanktop and shorts peeking out. Andandand; new glasses! :D
*Looks unhappy, but actually isn't*
That's my doggy, Jenny. : )

UPDATE: I've discovered that now, if you search "fashion fledgling" in google, this blog is the 4th result. The 2nd is a picture of me on my polyvore. The reason this is so exciting is that for ages, my blog didnt even come up in the first few pages. *is actually way more excited about this than is reasonable"


Anonymous said...

i like jenny/

Michelle said...

haha Hannah. :P