Friday, October 15, 2010

Hey Ya'll

I said I was ditching you guys for a week for some creative inspiration.

I lied. I like you too much.

Anyways, with out the imaginary pressure I was feeling, I've feel like i've been thriving. I wore jeans two days in a row, and a friend told me that it was strange to see me in pants. I actually like getting dressed in the morning, because I know I'm not trying to impress anybody. Except for me. And I'm happy with my decision to cut the outfit posts right now, because I have time to get myself together and start with a clean slate. New layout and stuffs, it's nice.

Btw, my mom is buying me some vintage thingys off etsy for christmas. I'm trying to narrow down the list.

DeerNana on Etsy.
AnimalHeadVintage on Etsy

YellowJacketVintage on Etsy

ApricotBabyBaby on Etsy
MoonChen on Etsy

There was another item on the list but it was sold today :( I am absolutely in love with the polkadots. There are quite a lot of polka dots.

On another note, haircut tomorrow.

 I'm very much in love with their hair. I think I might try a twist on Elin's, or something close. I'd like to hear you thoughts.
Lots of Love, Shelle :)