Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I wonder when fall got here, it took me by surprise.

I will apoligize for the break, because I've been sick and jeans and t-shirts are my thing when I'm sick. I started this blog to motivate myself to get out of the jeans-and-t-shirt zone, but they're so easy. I can't help but slip. I have come a long way, slips and all, and I think my style has improved considerably since last March when I started this blog (has it really been that long? Finally, I've learned that determination will get you somewhere. Take that, lazy self). I like to layer, and mix patterns and where sun dresses in fall. If my sisters annoying friend thinks that I'm weird because of this, well then she can just suck it cause three different people complimented my leggings and asked me where I'd got(gotten?) them.

I really hate my face here, gah.

Coat // Gift from my sister :)
Shirt// Urban Planet, again maybe?
Skirt// Suzy Shier
and Converse. <3

*This post has actually been sitting in blogger for the last couple days because of how busy I've been with school work. Sighh.
And did I forget to mention, if anyone wonders why my comments are moderated, it's so that I know when I get them and am sure to read them. : )


Amy said...

I'm am a jeans and t-shirt person too and that is exactly the reason I started my blog to :) Lovely leggings! Sometimes weird is good? Well it is better than boring. XX

Michelle said...

it is most certainly better than boring, which i define as the girls in my school who all dress exactly alike : grey baggy sweat pants, areopostale tee and fake ugg boots. I do not understand.
And thats so cool that you started your blog for the same reason as me!

meggles said...

i loves the coat :) lol, cute outfit Shelbo <3