Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Fashion of the Day.

Well, Hey there. *Has no comment on two week absense.

The zipper on my shorts wouldnt go up any farther and also, randomly appearing tights are random. I thought these were mine but apparently not so as mine do not have this cool geometric print on the go. Nor do their non-existant print end half way up my thighs, but shush.

I felt pretty retro-80's today. It was pretty sick, ya know?

I even found shoes to wear with this outfit outside of my regular converse or black boots.
I don't wear my shoes in the house though and I was too lazy to go get them. meh.

And because this has never been strictly a fashion blog at all, here's a peek at my sister's birthday cake for tomorrow. I did a lot of the baking-from-a-box part.

Plus there's these glow-in-the-dark bracelets left over from yesterday that I'm pretty excited about.

Happy belated Halloween, guys. How did yours go? Did you go trick or treating? Did you even dress up? Let me know in the comments. :)

Outfit Details
T Shirt//"Borrowed" from my friend. I luffs it.
Cardigan//2nd from my mother.
Shorts//Garage, I think.
Tights// ...no idea.
Sneakers! Urban Planet. They have a tattoo print on them, and the are canvas and falling apart because I love/wore them so often. Until my friend-I-borrowed-this-shirt-from wore them and stretched them out. fdjhvbhbfdnhjhdfuh gah.

Anyways. Thanks for reading! I always appreciate it.
Luffs ya, kthxbaiguiz.

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Amy said...

Well, Hello there. Sorry for not commenting recently, just been a little busy. Thankyou so much for your amazing comments they really make my day. And I don't really have so many hats most are a mess and I only have three that I actually wear outside of the house. Yes, England is rather lovely, well some parts anyway.
How on earth did you guess that the girls who gave my the looks were dressed exactly the same, uggs, leggings and the abercrombie hoodie, original. Thankyou so much for all the wonderful things you said, I really appriciate it.
I think you may just be the most lovelyist person who has ever commented on my blog. Thankyou. Also you have an amazing sense of style. The print on the tights is rather cool even if the tights arn't yours. Not sure how to explain this but I love the way your outfit is like block colours then the T-shirt combines all the colours together. :)
For halloween I stayed at home and blogged- yes I lead an exciting life :) xxxxx