Monday, November 29, 2010

Dinos Spell Colour with a U.

Why hello thur random citizens of countries I've never been to but will be visiting around Easter (that is, if you Live in Italy or Greece. I don't know why I capitalized Live, that was an accident.)

 Long time no see, yes? Goodness I hate that expression. I don't know why I use it. Actually I don't, just for you, aren't you so lucky? It sounds so grammaticaly incorrect to me. Long time I no see you I talk broken english. Yeahhhhhh.

 Anyways, now that I've gotten past my Hello, it's been awhile beginning, I've got to tell you why that is. It's cause I'm lazy, so now on to what's really important. Fashion Fledgling is named so because I am a fledgling when it comes to fashion and it's not really necassary( Idontknowifthat'sspelledrightméwhichismynewwayofsayingmehwhichmeanswhateverbasically )
for me to only post fashion related things because if I do that then I'll hardly ever post anything cause I'm lazy like that.


Also. I hate parades. And dealing with shiz. Shiz and parades because we only have boring parades in the fall when its cold as opposed to interesting parades in the summer. I spent 5 hours of bs outside in the cold in my cadet sweater and then the people we were volunteering for decided we werent gonna be in the parade and took our candy. YEAH BASICALLY WHAT HAPPENED. Also other shiz was on the go this weekend and I dont wanna even get in to that.
SO ANYWAYS. My name is Shelle and I approve this message.

Scientists are wrong. Triceratops was a real dinosaur and I have the plastic model to prove it.
I like coloured text and dinosaurs and the Capslock button and also the Canadian spelling of colour. No, colour is not a french word.

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