Saturday, November 13, 2010

Teen Female Horror Story

I was going to update today. That post can be saved for tomorrow, because right now I have a (true) almost-horror story for you.

Today began almost like any other; I'd slept on the couch in my living room because the filter on my sister's fish tank was too loud so I couldn't sleep, and I woke up early because of this. Around 9 am. Thats realllyyy early for me. My mom told me she was going to town around 12 pm. I asked if I could go with her, thinking I'd be bored at home. She said yes and off I went for my shower. After, I came back to get dressed.

Little did I know of the horror that was lurking behind my closet doors.

I didn't notice when I first opened them. A couple sweaters that didn't belong to me. No big deal, I was a little annoyed as this happens very often, but I moved them over to my sister's side of the closet.
Then I got a good look at my side.
Every single sweater in there was in the wrong spot. My colour-categorized collection of sweaters, and each one was out of place and on the rack backwards.

I confronted the person I knew to be guilty; they got angry. They did it because they couldn't get in to my closet.

I was upset, naturally. Not really angry, but upset, because my orangized sweater collection was now a mess unecessarily, and I would have to spend quite a bit of time putting it back in order. There wasn't much I could do then, because we were leaving for town, so I'd have to fix it later.

When later came, I pulled out all of my sweaters. I began putting them back on hangers and in the closet, in their proper order. Then I noticed something else. Most of my dresses were at the back of my closet, again in the wrong order and hung backwards. This time I voiced my unhappyness. Loudly. I was heard, but I yelled "Nevermind!" and went back to fixing things. I was putting the dresses back next to the jeans when I noticed something wrong again (like the gift that keeps giving. sort of.)

Every single pair of jeans were also out of order and also hung backwards. (By backwards, I mean the hanger points in instead of out, making it hard to get the hanger and the item on it.)

Frustrated is not a strong enough word to describe how I felt. Neither will Exasperated do the job.
At this point I pulled everything out and started over.

I've just spent an hour and a half fixing this person's work.



btw, sorry if your reaction is TL;DR. I want my sympathy, NOW! jk. but yeah. I had to complain cause this sucked. I'm very unhappy.

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