Sunday, November 14, 2010

Leather Pants and other 90s Throwbacks

This post isn't about trends I've spotted, or trends or other people have spotted and blogged about for me to read. It was an original concept of mine, except not at all, really.
In the continuation of rediscovering old trends such as The Skinny Jean and The Clog I bring you:

Leather Pants.

About a week ago, I was thinking about the trend of shiny leggings, and that brought me to the unoriginal idea of leather pants. What would leather pants look like if someone brought those back? Apparently I wasn't the only one wondering. Above are three examples that I liked and were under the wonderfully low budget of $300. Seriously. Maybe it's because I don't have any money, but that sounds like an awful lot. Even for leather, and these were on the low end of the price scale!

The first pair are riding style pants with leather on the inside, while the other two are full leather pants. I really like this take on leather pants; skinny, black, low rise.
As opposed to the wonderful 90s version:

Buffy the Vampire Slayer is pretty sick, but her leather pants were scary sometimes. Maybe it's the 90's part.

These go against everything I just listed, but still look amazing.

This picture ^ belongs to ClaireInc. I advise you visit that site. It's absolutely amazing and I love it and I want to buy everything they ever sell. Ever.
Also while I was searching, I came across another lovely peice of clothing.

Cargo Pants.

Do you remember these? I wore them in grade 6. Not the 90s, but still a few years ago. I like these better. Granted, the 1st pair aren't actually cargo pants, they're twill, but they have deep pockets on the leg and are green. And both are awesome and I NEED A JOB TO BUY SHIZ.


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Fernanda Lucila said...

Aghh, I've been wanting leather pants for some time now, but I just can't find any [that I can afford].
I guess I'll just keep on looking and keep my fingers crossed...

Fernanda Lucila