Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Outfit of the Day for 30 consecutive days: Days 2 & 3

What happened to yesterday's outfit is Hurricane Igor. The awful storm that took away our electricity yesterday which is why I didnt update. Being with out a stove or flushing toilet from 3:30 pm until 3 am kind of sucked, but its all good now - here at my house, but St John's east is still without power, many roads have been washed away and (the saddest news of all) an 80 year old man was swept out to sea when his driveway washed out from under him. This was easily the worst storm I've ever experienced, as most we tend to only get the end of, but the eye of the storm passed right over us yesterday. The wind was so loud, and terrifying and at one point we thought the roof was being torn off.

Not having lights made it difficult for my younger sister to take pictures of my
 non-exciting outfit. This is about as good as it gets.
I went down the road next to mine and took some pictures of the damage.

Several fallen trees in a front yard

A new pond that hadnt been there before.

And then my friends and I went to the park, and had loads of fun, and walked my friend Emily home, and then Chantelle took my outfit pictures. Chantelle is starting up her own fashion blog soon, so I'll give you a link to that in a couple of days.

                               Sweater // 2nd Hand, Mom's Closet
                               Dress // Stitches
                               Belt // Urban Planet
                               Sneakers // Urban Planet
                               Necklace // Moose Caboose in Upper Clements (Amusement Park)
                               Earrings // Walmart

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