Saturday, September 4, 2010

Flea Market Finds


Okay, so now that thats over with, I bring you my flea market finds! (And grammar mistakes!)

What's that? You don't remember me telling you about a flea market? Oh, thats right. I told you about it a week ago. I wouldn't expect you to remember it.

*Smacks self* 
And be warned, I am ridiculous and I buy ridiculous things. There were no antique or vintage items to be found.

The Loot (well, part of it) :

First is this necklace.
It's a small mickey mouse clock with those little fake jewels in the ears. Unfortunately the chain burst so I'll have to replace it.

Next is an Eeyore magnet.
He's made from wood and is super cool.
Why yes, I am super ridiculous. Extremely. But I couldn't resist these adorable little pillows because it has duckies and so does my baby blanket and I had feelings of nostalgia (Yay for run-on sentances!). Another plus is that it teaches you how to count. Awesome. (And fragment sentances!)
You must be thinking, "How have you gotten to 2010 without reading Harry Potter? What is wrong with you?" Never fear, fellow HP readers. My sister's copy is falling apart, and I've always been curious as to what happens on page 8. It has an inscription to "Ashley" on the inside cover, but it seems like she never read it because it's in excellent condition. It even includes page 8.
And that's it! Well, not really. I also bought the first season of M.A.S.H. but it mysteriously disappeared. Maybe my mom had something to do with that. Or I left it downstairs.
I also bought 2 raglan t-shirts from Urban Planet, a Student Price Card and 4 Laura Secord  chocolate bars (2 for $3 on sale) which I have happily eaten.  Toffee cruch is the best.
Also, no outfit today because I am in sweat pants and that is unoriginal.

Good night, blog/ HP readers, for I have to get up tomorrow morning for some school shopping!

Ps. This is my small albeit interesting magnet collection thus far.
The white one says "Canadian Polar Bear in Snow Storm."
My friends laughed at me when I bought it.


Ruby Jo Cloud Trewavas Abbiss said...

Hey, I love your finds :) I'm one of your new followers. Nice blog.

Michelle said...

Thank you! awesome-sauce. : D

Amy said...

Cute necklace and the magnets are cool! I have to admit I'm a harry potter nerd :D

Ruby Jo Cloud Trewavas Abbiss said...

^agreed. I love HP too much