Monday, September 6, 2010

Outfit of the Day

My mom took my sister and I school shopping on Saturday, which was very fun. Very much fun it was. :D (If you haven't noticed, I like shopping. Lots and lots indeed.)

Cardigan//2nd Hand, Suzy Shier
Shorts//Urban Planet
Cami/ Urban Planet
 Socks//Wally's World
Necklace//Canada's Wonderland :D

That plaid bag is actually a devine lunch bag. Devine because it is pink and plaid and looks nice, lunch bag because plastic grocery bags just don't cut it anymore. :P
And I know this sounds ridiculous, but I'm actually kind of scared of fall. Not of school, not of my hectic Grade 10 schedule, but of the fact that Newfoundland gets chilly; fast. Our winters last a long time, so until the beginning of May there will be snow on the ground. I don't know what I'm going to do... freeze, I guess? Not much of a choice, because I'll shiver wether I'm in snowpants or jeans, anyway. And I'd rather walk to the bus in jeans if I can make the decision. Fortunately our fall is off to a good start, with today having a high of 29 degrees and all (In september!). But the temperature can drop quickly. We've had blizzards in the first week of October. All I can do is keep my hopes up, I suppose! Anyway, here are a few shots from my day. I woke up at 6:30 and got this, which I later edited in picnik because I'm a cheat but it was nice before the editing too. :)
I purged my closet again to make room for new clothes. Unfortunately the closet in my room is actually quite small, and I have to share with my younger sister. I can only hang clothes in it because the floor and the top shelf are covered in junk. Anyways, I thought I needed new jeans. Strangely when I brought them home and counted them all, there were a total of 11 pairs of jeans, a pair of jean capris plus my two pairs of dress pants. And this after I threw out a pair with a large rip in the knee. I wonder why I thought my stock of denim pants was low?

Finally, I'm showing off my lovely lovely purple 25% percent wool sweater from Joe Fresh. I have to be careful with wool because I have really sensitive skin but this sweater hardly itches. :)
Well, Good morning/Night! Perhaps I should get in to the habit of posting during the day instead of at 3:40 am when I can't sleep. Hmm.

Edit: Psst, I have a secret. I'm dying my hair tomorrow! But the secret is I'm not telling you what colour. And bytheway, self, how on earth do I fit 11 pairs of jeans in my closet? Insanity. It must be like Wonderland or something in there.

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