Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Paper Crowns

Bonjour, mon amis! Je ne comprend pas Francais; mais je parle Anglais.
So I will speak English from now on. Are you impressed with my knowledge of french? I went to a french school in Quebec for 3 weeks over the summer. I was in the sped class. But I did not google translate that. Only to see if it wrote it correctly. Which I didn't and then fixed, SHHH YOU'RE NOT SUPPOSED TO KNOW.

I have a LOOK for you today! Aren't you excitedd? I would be, it's pretty rare. Or I wouldn't, I tend to get things wrong when there's a 50% chance of it. Optimism, I tell you.

Isn't it polkadot-ful? Thee skirt is from the Etsy Seller Moon Chen, which I got for Christmas, and I love it. Almost as much as I like the crown from my cracker, and the Diplodocus-Allosaurus-Rex that my sister gave me. I wore this Christmas Day but my laptop chose that evening to die. Merry Christmas.

...and Happy New Year! :D


Ruby said...

Oh my, that skirt is amazing <3


Shelle said...

why thankyou :)