Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Nothing to wear!

I want to update this blog. Unfortunately I've been suffering from miserable-itis. Also known under it's more common name, "The powercord is broken and battery needs replacing disease". That plus boredom, no inspiration and the common cold. You know when you open up your closet full of clothes and say, "I have nothing to wear!"? That's what my entire last 3 monthes have felt like. That's why I keep repeating, "I need a job. I need a job." Because Job=Money. I think there are about 9 things in my closet/drawers that I actually like to wear. That includes pants, skirts, sweaters, shirts, vests. Nothing else fits right and nothing else feels like me.
Sometimes I feel like I have way too much clothes and sometimes I feel like I don't have enough. Maybe that's cause its mostly all junk. If, when I am 16, and I start working at Tim Hortons or something, I should pick some things out of my closet that I like wearing, then some neccessaties, and start over from there. My entire amount of clothes looks like a junkpile to me. This is irritating. Do you ever feel like this, o followers of mine?

(After leaving this for a while, I've reread it and realize that this makes me sound selfish; there are people in the world who have no money for any clothes at all, and I am complaining about how I have nothing to wear, even though I have piles upon piles of clothing. If I were to restart my closet, I would take everything I'm not keeping and donate it to a charity, just as I have always done. I hope that anyone reading this would also do the same; doing so helps less fortunate and the enviroment by keeping it out of landfills and whatnot. All around win!)

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