Monday, August 30, 2010

BlogLovin and Outfit of the Day

Thanks to the wonderful Style Heretic for their suggestion, you can now follow my blog with BlogLovin!

Plus: In an attempt to make outfit posts more regular, I set up my camera to pose for, forgetting that the battery was almost completely dead. As a result, my only photo is this one:

I am so cool, I edit my pictures with Picnik.
Outfit details:
Cardigan / Winners (The Canadian equivilent of TJ Maxx) The label says AphOrism.
Tank top / Garage, 2nd hand
Jeans / Either bought new from Stitches, or thrifted. They're a brand of jeans that Stitches carries.
Necklace / gift from a family friend while in Cuba. :D
(unseen) Sneakers / Converse. I lovelovelove my black hi-top converse. I might buy a pair of red low-tops off ebay.

Also today I went to the flea market at my mall and bought a bunch of stuffies that you get to see tomorrow when my battery is charged. :)

*Shout out to Eileen (family friend) who wont see this because she doesn't have internet, but it's the thought that counts.


Fashion Prevails said...

Hello Michelle,

I saw a link on Style Heretic for your blog and decided to take a chance. I love your blog it's so honest and fresh. Can't wait to see you flea market finds tomorrow when your battery is charged.

Michelle said...

Thank you for taking that chance! I'll be posting the flea market finds today, by the way. If you're interested.