Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sunday Best

Today is Sunday. The only day I don't have anywhere to go, hardly anyone to see.
So of course I dressed up.
 I like thrifting and secondhand things, so I'm going to try to include secondhand in my outfits.

Skirt: Secondhand
Shirt: Stitches
Tights(That you can't see): Walmart
Hair: Wet.

Compared to anyone else, it isn't really dressing up. But hey, I wore a skirt and tights. That's something different. I am such a fan of that shirt...

Also, this blog is to be interuppted by my friend Ashley. Here's her take on teenage fashion:

I'm jealous of her hair and hat. : D
I use a lot of smilies because I'm afraid if I don't somone will think I'm grumpy....
Well, anyways. Thats it.

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