Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Pretending and Imagining Part 1 of Many

So with spring on it's way (in Newfoundland we have 6 month long winters), I've been brainstorming some outfit ideas. Which is why I'm in love with Polyvore. This site is so awesome and easy to use. I tried it out about a month ago and now I've got my friend obsessed with it too. If you're into fashion, this site is the funnest (Is that a real word?) thing ever. Period.
So I was on Asiajam.com today and fell in love with a pair of boots, but unfortunately my size was already sold out in every colour. I was imagining wearing them all of spring but because I can't, I decided to pretend that I could and created a set that included these boots and everything else I would wear with it, all from my favourite sites. I want to post this set here, along with some of my favourites.
Those boots are epic.

Cardigan: Forever21
Dress: FredFlare.com
Sunglasses: FredFlare.com
Boots: Asiajam.com
Purse: Shoprusse.com
Eyeshadow:  Urban Decay
Lipstick: Rimmel London
Necklace: Modcloth.com

The next two have some really pretty pieces, but also some very expensive ones I can't afford.
These boots are an example of expensive things I would love to have but can't afford. They are beautiful but coming in at 915 dollars canadian, there's no chance of me having it. Maybe I'll come across a nice pair like them someday for cheap.

I must own that skirt. Indubitably.
Also I must remind you that I like to pretend and I am not exactly in real lie the way I seem on the internet.
But pretending is fun so pretend I will.

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covnitkepr1 said...

Maybe this ole man can get some ideas from a savey teen like yourself about what to buy my granddaughter for special days.

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