Thursday, January 20, 2011

Je parle au hasard.

(I speak at random.)

I came across a pair of cargo-type pants in Urban Planet over the weekend. I was excited. Really. I thought about buying them, but I didn't because Urban Planet is like the Primark of Canada and these pants kind of failed. Like green skinny jeans with 2 pockets at the knees.

So I'm glad Chantelle was all :O over pink boots because then I bought them even though she claimed them, but there was only a size 6 and 8 there and she takes a size 7.
She was angry-but-not-really with me for buying them but I pointed out that there was no extra small in the polka dot dress she and I wanted so she could buy the dress and I got the shoes, fair trade. Then she saw a girl wearing the same boots at school, but I should have expected it; they were only $20 anyway. Moving onward.

Toomanytights is the blog of the designer behind Black Milk Cothing. Im rather infatuated.

Since I was 8 I've wanted to be a fashion designer. Im always drawing my designs and imagining collections except not creating them because I waste my money in Urban Planet and then I remember that I could have spent my money on something of better quality, or some pretty fabric from etsy or vintage Hello Kitty junk. What was I talking about?

ooohhh right, wanting to be a fashion designer. no, too many tights. Except I have no tights. How depressing. I should stop wasting my money and buy some. oops.

But Black Milk is awesome. I should know, being the hipster I am.

With his galaxy leggings

and R2D2 bathing suits, designer-guy's a genius.

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