Monday, May 3, 2010

I am inspired by:

As a fashion blogger (an amateur, but that makes no difference, right?), I feel it is necessary to tell my readers (All possible 6 of you, family and who inspires me. Because I should probably figure that out, If I hope to at least inspire one person.
My list includes, in no particular order:

My older sister. She's got awesome style, and clothes that I wish I could fit into.

Kate Winslet. She's got grace, and she's classy. Looovvee it. (Also, she's British. : ))

Bloggers Keiko Lynn, Rebecca of The Clothes Horse and Merily of Sequin Magazine.
Keiko Lynn is absolutely gorgeous, has her own wonderful style, and owns a online fashion store.  ...Envious.
Rebecca is so geek chic and cute it's hard not to love her, Merily makes me wish I owned her entire closet with every single post.

Katy Perry and Lady Gaga, for not being afraid to wear what they like, regardless of the public's opinion.

And finally, many girls I see roaming the mall and the halls of my school, who's names I do not know. Some of these girls make me wish I had my camera with me, so I could pretend to be a professional photographer, and ask for their picture.. for my blog. I guess I'd also have to have a blazer with me, so I could put it on and pretend to look professional.



Meggles said...

awe :) But if you fit in my clothes you wouldn't be tiny anymore. Love you xo ♥

kaylarobbie said...

you're cuteee michelle. :)

Anonymous said...

Megg Does have some good style.. she has (thus far successfully) worked to get me to dress better. PLUS.. me and her agree on quite a lot of clothing in stores that is absolutely beautiful.

Also, I LOVE that you chose Kate Winslet, Not only a beautiful, classy, British and well dressed lady. But an amazing actor.

PS I'd follow the blog.. if i had an account that i remembered the password to. So count it as seven XD

--Ryan Steeves

PS if you got that coat you were trying on in Sirens, I'll be quite ecstatic :P

Michelle said...

Be ecstatic then :D and also, thank you! and ill show megan your comment so she can thank you too!