Sunday, April 18, 2010

Warning: Super Long Post Ahead!

Oh jeez. It's been awhile, hasn't it? 12 days since I last posted. Well, I promise I'll update at least once a week from now on. First, I want to let you in on what I'm doing that directly or indirectly relate to this post;
first: I am writing a speech for Language Arts Class, second: I've begun collecting fashion catalogues and blogs, and looking for more fashion blogs to read, third: attempting to make this blog in to something worth reading.
Ill address the speech last, because it's going to take a lot more time than the other two.

So, I had this idea. I think It was a pretty cool idea. My idea was that I'd start a scrapbook or collage book (I’m not really sure if these exist, but really what I had in mind was collages of fashion trends or clothes or sketches of mine in a book format.) and then show a new page every once in a while. Also, I thought maybe I'd report on my favourite trends of the season, with examples and pictures and all that fun stuff.
Somewhat related to this, I've decided to do research for my blog: I'm going to read a bunch that I like and take note of features and details of each, and try to incorporate them in to my own blog. That's not plagiarism, right? For example, Rebecca of The Clothes Horse takes all of her pictures outside. I might do this to, because outside has better lighting than my bedroom, but unfortunately I do not have a tripod and the weather really fails. It snowed yesterday, yayyy. : /

Now, to my speech. You might want to skim read. Also, from here on this post deals with gruesome truths, and so you should read on with caution. The information below is taken from the FAQ of
What does a speech have to do with a fashion blog, you may ask (Or you may not, but I'm going to answer anyway). Absolutely nothing. Well, except that my speech is about wearing fur, and why you shouldn't do it.
The fur industry is deceptive.

1. The furs are not left over from animals used for the meat industry, as the furs of these animals are usually not thick enough.
2. Fur is not green. Not at all; in fact, it takes about 15 times as much energy to make a fur coat from ranch raised animals than it does a faux coat. Furs are full of chemicals to keep them decomposing, and fur production pollutes the environment and wastes resources.
3. "Animals killed for fur are treated and killed humanely." False. Animals on fur farms are kept in small, dirty cages and all are extremely bored; some so much so that they develop neurotic behaviours such as pacing and cannibalism. These animals are also killed through anal electrocution. Animals caught in leg hold traps are sometimes in so much pain that they will chew off their limbs in order to escape, only to eventually die later from blood loss or other complications. "To avoid damaging the pelt, trappers often beat or stomp animals to death."*
4.Finally, there is a cat- and dog-fur industry in Asia. Most furs are either labelled as rabbit fur or not labeled at all. But really, if you wouldnt wear a coat made from a cat or dog, why would you think it's okay to wear other animals?

*Quote taken directly from the FAQ.

To learn more about the truths of the fur industry, go here:
Or here:
Here too:

To see how the fur industry lies to your face, visit this website:
And when you're done that, could you please think about this post before deciding to buy a fur coat.
Thanks. :)

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